Spaced Out Part I
A Brilliant New Novel by the unknown authors
Kram Clement & Cheamil Hewett

Set in the future, this humourous novel illuminates the struggles surrounding the wonderful world of golf and its danger to the human race. Typical Sci-Fi gadgets and space jargon help propel the story which is not so much science fiction but rather just plain fiction. Golf has been chosen as the setting because both authors pretend that they are great golfers. Humour is used in much of the action because we would rather laugh than cry.

The authors are not famous but we fervently hope that this creative work will jump start our wrting careers and that offers to publish the book will come flooding in. If we make a lot of money, we can take lessons to improve our golf game.

The characters in this saga are modelled on our family members so the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent. Common golfing terms have, of course, evolved in this future and you will need to think a little about what the golfing terms really mean. ( it's not hard as we are not that clever )

You could order a hard copy of this book (part I) from us for $10.00 which includes shipping, but why bother when you can read it right here for free. But… if you really like it then you could email either one of us with your gushing praise. We don't anticipate that anyone will not like it.

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Kram Clement
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