Leaving the Road

I left the sunshine road
where heated summer secrets
disappear into a transparent sky.

The ditch was dry and I felt
coolness flowing from the trees,
a relief from reflected days.

The fence was old and easy
and shadows quickly embraced
my overheated heart.

The bright sky silence was gone.
A world's ceaseless struggle
with treetop leaves filled my ear.

The sun-filled road was hidden
by an endless turmoil of shadows
and delicate sparks of fallen light.

The undergrowth grabbed and I
grappled with life's determination
to reach the wide sky above.

It was cool and the birds were noisy.
Furtive unseen creatures rustled
dry grass and fallen leaves.

And there it was, a black stream
animated with white patches;
bright sky fragments from outside.

I sat by this stream and watched it carry
the hidden world slowly past my eye.
I listened to the noises and understood.


Roadside Creek

Water slips beneath the road
between lush green, ripples
over shallows then calmly
flows to merge with the lake.

I take a picture, capture
a fragment of old land
where large trees slant
over this profluent stream.

I take a picture and hope
I can remember the peace,
the simple urge of life flowing
beneath this busy artificial path.