We Imagine

The invisible wind is a force
and we imagine a hand brushing
the trees and pulling the sun
out of sight leaving only stars
sliding slowly across the night.

We study the motions,
believe it is the hand of a god
and create our dominion
because we can imagine.
We look into rocks, discover
life flowing from nothing,
because we can.

As we learn how the world works,
the wind becomes empty,
rocks are filled with ancestors
and god retreats
to the edge of the universe.


Truth Declared

The earth is flat. No, it's round!
The sun goes up then comes down
as it travels 'round the centre
of our lives on this miserable rock.
So do not deny this proclamation
or endless fire will sear your eye.


Winter Dawn

The sun is fixed and we
cannot stand still long enough
to let it warm the winters. Instead
we bask in the weak reflection
of our cold companion. It illuminates
early morning demons. They scurry
along the fenceline, skim
freshly fallen snow, engulf low
black bushes but leave no footprints.

The air carries no telltale odour.
Fresh and clean, some say. But then
the lost sun forces this creation,
this world of living things, shadows
with ill-intent or mythical creatures
fallen from a heaven of light.

All of this can be explained.
If you focus on the window glass,
you will see a reflection
of the mad inventor.