On Foot - Downtown Toronto

The fragmented city sky vibrates
when large trucks growl and struggle
forward on the green light.
The long busses hiss and squeal
as they come to a stop and kneel
for the less able pedestrian.

The kids are in mom's hand or tucked
warmly in soft-wheeled strollers
while some glide on three-wheelers,
imitating the cars but at mom's pace.

Then there's a high pitched wail
and a warning shout that bounces
from the tall building stones.
The red truck speeds to quell
an unintentional fire or attend
a collision - busy lives interrupted.

I sit at a café's cold sidewalk table
and the gray sky presses between
the towers. The cluttered street
has no sunny-side and thin trees
are meager remnants of the forest.
Their small leaves signal spring.

I'm uncertain if the leaves are noticed
as the builders weave their busy lives,
lost in the hustle of their creation.
I'm not moving and feel isolated.

A Daylight Ending

It's a tender moment when the far sky
glows and stars fade into revealing light.

Where is the singing dove, the sun's sentry
that heralds the end of a guardian night?

The dangerous sun cracks the long curve
and finally the dreaming sentinel signals.

As we part, a chilly morning wind
cools our once shrouded passion.

Our eyes grow dull as we play the world
with our everyday animation.

Our hearts beat strongly and we yearn
with a glance as we pass in the street.