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The unwashed 'they' are dreamers,
full of sweetness and light,
overflowing with smiles
and candy-coated proclamations
that life is good and free.

I turn, look back down the weary road,
dust-devils blow my footprints
into the air. The dust glints in the sun
then settles on the brown roadside grass.

There is only history in this passing
and it is all recorded in my bones,
the bitter winter winds, the sour
summer leaves spoiling in the soil
and the salty adventures overdone.

But for all of that, there remains
an overpowering flavour that lingers
on the tongue as I trudge onward.
'They' often speak of it in songs,
It is sweet, it is warm and light.
I keep it with me at all times.

About the Author
Mark Clement is retired and lives in the quiet town of Cobourg Ontario. Mark went to highschool in Cornwall Ontario and in 1958 had his first poem published in the St. Lawrence highschool yearbook. Following highschool, Mark attended 'community college' and became a technocrat in the field of electronics. Work and family life overtook poetry and Mark didn't begin
writing again until the mid '70s. Since that time, he has become increasingly active in the world of poetry and after retirement, poetry changed from an avocation to an almost full-time job. Today, Mark has non-paying jobs as webmaster and doing the layout of chapbooks and anthologies for The Ontario Poetry Society. In between, he manages to write a poem or two and participate in the local Cobourg Poetry Workshop.