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Reading In Cobourg by Mark Clement
Includes a CD of all poems read by the author - $10.00 (includes shipping
Published by
Ink Bottle Press 2006 - I.S.B.N.: 0-9782399-1-1 - 14pp

Reviewed by: Michael Persaud

Mark Clement's poems are beauteous and touched me viscerally. He writes with the warm cadence of a man who has lived and breathed every precious blood of life. "Tea With Lemon" speaks to everyone who has ever savoured that brown libation. I love the image "Tea with bits of sunlight through the shade" conjures in my mind's eye. I think every poetic scribe can relate to his poem "Love Perhaps". Each stanza evokes his creative and imaginative intellect. "Too Dam Early" is a paean to every person running the rat race. Simply beautiful. In "A Breakfast Encounter" the lines "I have filled these glaciated days/ with a thousand books/ and children." in essence spells out the joy and reverence for life. The great thing about Mark Clement's poems is their unpretentiousness, but at the same time, their stylistic grandeur which paint wonderful images. After having read his chapbook "Reading In Cobourg" I wished the work were 100 pages because I was thirsting for more. Bravo!