For the Love of Poetry

We seem surprised
as our children transform
our technical inventions
into social transparencies
that we kept locked in a drawer.

Distorted pictures
of famous private actions
were only printed in tabloids,
inventions of our inner desire
for superior feelings.

There is never a news event
exposing a child's poem
describing the joy of snowflakes
or a the thrill of a late evening
game of hide-and-seek.

Has Pandora's box been opened?
Have the contents been spilled
onto the internet for all to see,
for all to lament that our nature
is now a public poem.

Poetry as exposé, as unlocked diary
is like a growth hormone, real,
repetitive and strangely surprising
to those who have forgotten
their love of exploration.


How to find a poem

Forget the songs you sang,
the glorious days divine,
the generous use of slang,
the grape ripe upon the vine.

Forgive the leaf its brown,
the moon its endless rhyme,
the fearful clatter of the town,
the social drink with lime.

Pretend you cannot read
the careful records of the play,
the masterful descriptions of the seed,
those words that never stray.

Allow the other side of light,
the frightful plays of night.