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Mark's Books
Mark Clement is retired and lives in the quiet town of Cobourg Ontario. Mark went to highschool in Cornwall Ontario and in 1958 had his first poem published in the St. Lawrence highschool yearbook. Following highschool, Mark attended what is now called a 'community college' and became a technocrat in the field of electronics. Work and family life overtook poetry and Mark didn't begin writing again until the mid '70s. Since that time, he has become increasingly active in the world of poetry and after retirement poetry changed from an avocation to an almost full-time job.

What I do in the world of Poetry

Apart from writing a poem or two and the occassional submission of my poetry to a contest or magazine I participate in the life of two poetry groups and under the impression "Ink Bottle Press" I publish books for friends and acquaintances. Go here to see the books that I have published. Go to my bookshop to see the books I have published for myself.

The Ontario Poetry Society
This organization has well over 200 members and I do all the design and layout of member's
poetry chapbooks and perfect bound books as well as the organizations Anthologies and occassionally act as a contest judge. Just so I don't get to sleep in too much, I am also the organization's webmaster.

Cobourg Poetry Workshop
This local poetry group (about 25 members) meets monthly to read and dicuss their poetry and it organizes a monthly reading series which is free to the public. The monthly public readings attracts guest readers from across Canada and gives local poets an opportunity to practice their public reading skills. After retirement, I moved to Cobourg, joined this group and realized they needed two things. 1) They needed to be in print so I started putting together an annual anthology and have so far published 6 Local Lot anthologies. 2) They needed a public face on the internet so I put together a website and it has grown steadily over the last 5 years.