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Politics As Entertainment
..................For our time in history

The pundits and their polls
are like weathermen whose job
does not depend on being right.
Local evidence as global doom
is a distraction clipped from
every wagging tongue and stuffed
between commercial reality.

Mendacity mingles smoothly
with medieval righteousness
and Caesar declares that peace
is an imperative, that he has time
and will save his loyal legions
for another unnamed distraction.
The pundits revel in the mud.

Johnny goes to school and shows
his ID at the door then learns
that creation has more than one story.
Meanwhile, the debates on TV
are not about the latest hi-tech
fantasy war game that Johnny plays
instead of doing his homework.



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The Empty Can

There is a discordant rattle
as the stone driven swirls
of a city wind propel the can
along the early morning street.

Should I chase the waste,
do my city civic duty and collect
this empty emblem of our care less
expression of personal power?

It's a knee jarring jog as I compete
with nature's disorganized gusts
that flow smoothly from the lake
expecting trees and leaves to rattle.

Half a block and I'm a few feet away.
The can sings steadily ahead of me
when a sudden corner-driven gust
pushes its music into the street.

It is flattened by a passing car.