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It's Almost Spring

I arise filled with the expectancy of birds
that flit through empty tree branches
searching for signs of renewal.

The clouds didn't show up today
and the bold sun on icy sidewalks
has turned them into gray mush.

Cold air spills through the open window.
Destiny is chilled but the winter wind
has failed and I am encouraged.

I have not listened to the news
so my heart is free to imagine
time filled with quotidian sunlight.

I think I will dress lightly,
not turn on the TV and sing
to those boisterous birds.



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The Evils of Sugar

It was a lazy do-nothing afternoon
and we were being informed
by a TV program, complete
with experts and a host
who had all the right questions.

"I understand that sugar is bad for you."
Said the sweetly smiling host.

"Yes it is!" replied the guest.
"Have you seen my article on the web?
I detail 146 health problems caused
by consuming the 'white-death'.
There is one problem I'm sure
your viewers will be interested in.
Specifically, sugar can upset relationships,
mineral ones in the body that is."

We watched the entire program
and agreed that it was interesting.
"Let's go to Tim Hortons!" I suggested.
Again we agreed and took off.

As usual, I went in to get our treat.

"Two coffee, black with 3 sugar and…
two honeydipped,
large, sweet