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Evening Beach - Cobourg

The white gulls gather on the evening beach.
They are still and stare at the softened land.
The cooling winds push gentle waves that reach
to slither up then down the still-hot sand.

The beach is cluttered with kid's warm footprints
left behind after chasing birds into skies
now empty and coloured with sunset tints
of purple, red and gray as daylight sighs.

And there they are, gray in the waning light,
their feet pushing the softness. Hand-in-hand
they make impressions. Birds do not take flight.
They are gentle and love the empty strand.

I sit here on this cooling beachside stone
to watch the endless end of day alone.


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Late Day Shore

The water slides into the flat gray sky.
Gulls don't know which way to face.
Four dinghies with drooping sails
are expressions of late-day hope.

Near the sharp edge of land,
small ducks hold their breath, upend,
feed on life beneath the oily surface,
bob back, slide smoothly on the glass.

Dragon boats move swiftly. The coxswain
pumps the crew in a steady rhythm.
They are anxious birds in the skywater,
their wings up then down, up, down.

Loose sails languish, clutch the masts
as the concrete coloured sky is pulled
slowly inland by the setting sun.

The small fleet of ducks glide
toward the darkening shore
as the breathless dinghies wallow
in the hopeless watersky.